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CRELL, Johann, De uno Deo Patre, Libri duo. In quibus multa etiam de Filii Dei et Spiritus sancti natura disseruntur. Racow, Sebastian Sternacki, 1631. Overlapping vellum, sm. 8vo. (XXIV), 636, (12) pp. (blank lower margin of a few final leaves a bit wormed; else very good). - Association copy (see below).

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* Estreicher XIV, 446. A. Kawecka-Gryczowa, Les Imprimeurs des Antitrinitaires polonais Rodecki et Sternacki (1974) no. 109 and reprod. of the tile-page plate 26.

This is the rare first edition of one of the major works in Socinian literature. 'The two books ... touching One God the Father' by the foremost Anti-Triniterian leader Johann Crell (Franconia 1590 - Cracow 1633) is not only a sharp-witted attack upon the orthodox doctrine of the Trinity, it is also easily the most forceful and significant one.

Johann Crell, by his eminent endowments, thorough culture, and tireless energy, takes first rank among the Socinians of his time.

Copy with, on top of the title-page, the autograph ownership inscription of the Dutch Remonstrant minister Cornelis Geesteranus (Assendelft 1588 - Hoorn after 1648), who played a major part in the Arminian controversies of his time. - Cf. NBW III, 441-42. Early 19th cent. engraved armorial bookplate of the House of Abercairny.

CRELL, Johann, Ethica Aristotelica, Ad Sacrarum Literarum normam emendata. Eiusdem Ethica Christiana, seu explicatio virtutum et vitiorum, quorum in Sacris Literis sit mentio. Huic editioni praeter praefixam Auctoris Vitam, accedit Catechesis Ecclesiarum Polonicarum a Joh. Crellio, Jona Schlichtingio, M. Ruaro & A. Wissowatio, recognita atque emendata, Notisque eorum illustrata. Cosmopoli, Per Eugenium Philalethem (disguised address: Amsterdam, probably Christiaan Petzold), 1681. 3 parts, 1 vol. Vellum, 4to.(XCVI), 248 + 674, (82) + (XII), 188, (4) pp. - A very good copy.

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* Knijff & Visser, Bibliographia Sociniana 2035. Estreicher XIV, 93-94.

Main work by Johann Crell (Helmetzheim in Franken 1590 - Racow, Poland 1633), a prominent and very influential Socianist leader. The present excellent and desirable edition is preceded by a life of the author by I..P. M.D. (i.e. Ioachimus Pastorius Medicinae Doctor) and by an anonymous Dissertatio super Ethicis Crellianis. The ‘Ethica Aristotelica’ occupies the remainder of the first part. The main portion (pp. 1 - 622) of the second part contains the ‘Ethica Christiana’ which is followed by three orations: ‘De honestatis natura et fonte’ - ‘Cur nec Moses nec Philosophi perfectam virtutem praescribere ... potuerint’ - ‘De amore sui’. This part is concluded by extensive Indices. The third part contains the ‘Catechesis Ecclesiarum Polonicarum’ . This is the famous Racow Catechism, the first Latin edition of which was originally published in 1609 and which is here found in a revised and corrected edition with explanatory notes: "Nunquam ante hac hoc modo edita".. The separate title-page has the disguised address ‘ Stauropoli, Per Eulogetum Philalethem’ (i.e. Amsterdam, probably Christiaan Petzold) and is dated 1680. This Catechesis Racoviensis major was almost certainly published separately as well.


CRELL, Johann, Uitlegginge van den Zentbrief Des Apostels Pauli aan de Galaten. Beschreven meest uit de Lessen van Johannes Krellius...Door Jonam Schlichtingium...N. pl., n. pr. (Netherlands,probably Amsterdam),1660. Cont. Overlapping vellum, 4to. (XL), 303, (5) pp. (Two unsophisticated owner’s stamps on blank reverse of title;else very good).

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* Knijff & Visser, Bibliographia Sociniana 2030. Estreicher XIV, 448. Not mentioned by Knuttel, Verboden boeken, but since 1653 all Socinian books were rigorously banned in Holland and are consequently scarce.

This is a Commentary on Galatians, edited after Crell's lectures by the German Socianist Jonas von Schlichting.

LIMBORCH, Phiulippus a (1633-1712), Dutch Remonstrant Professor. - Engraved portrait 27,5 x 17,7 cm. By P. van Gunst after H. Van Limborch. Six lines of latin poetry by C. Brandt underneath. - Muller 3228. (small defect on top)

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MENNO SIMONS, Opera omnia theologica, of alle de Godtgeleerde Wercken ... (etc. Edited by Hendrick Jansz Herrison). Amsterdam, (Widow of Jacob de Jonge for) Joannes van Veen, 1681. With fine large portrait (Menno in his library) by Jan Luijken. Tasteful modern calf antique over wooden boards with blindstamped filets and central ornament on sides and with brass clasps and catches, folio. (XVI), 642, (20, 2 blank) pp. in double col. - A nice copy.

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* Horst 3 (detailed and with 3 reprods.:figs. 2 - 4). Hillerbrand 3455. Springer-Klassen 4051. For the beautiful portrait cf. Van Eeghen- Van der Kellen 46.

The most complete Dutch edition of the Collected Works with, amongst other matter, one tracct and six letters by the Anabaptist leader here appearing for the first time. Horst states that Herrison’s "editorial work is adjudged to be of poor quality", but nevertheless itt is the present influential edition which became the basis for the 19th- and 20th century German and English translations.

SOCINUS, Faustus, Opera Omnia. Irenopolis (Amsterdam, Daniel Bakkamude for Frans Kuyper) "Post annum Domini 1656". 2 vols. in one. Vellum (a recasing), folio. (XXIV), 814 + (II), 812, (10) pp. in double col. ( a few unobstrusive small library stamps: 'Collegium Wilhelmianum' and 'Bayerische Staatsbibliothek München'; slight browning throughout).

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* Only edition of Socinus' Collected Works. The first volume contains the Opera exegetica et didactica, the second one the Opera polemica.

This rare- and important edition was edited by Socinus' grandson Andrew Wiszowaty in collaboration with the learned Dutch publisher F. Kuyper. Socinus' Opera form part, i.e. the first two volumes, of the celebrated 'Bibliotheca Fratrum Polonorum' (1656 ff., comprising also works by Crell, Schlichting and other Polish Socinians). They include all Socinus' extant theological writings, with the sole exception of his essay on predestination prefixed to Castellio's Dialogi IV (1578) and his revision of an Aristotelian school manual (1586).

All treatises- resp. nineteen in the first volume and twelve in the second one - with separate title-pages.

Faustus Socinus (Fausto Paolo Sozzini: 1539 - 1604) exerciced a profound influence upon theological thinking which even lasts to our days. Socianism and its later modified form Unitarianism have especially flourished in Poland, Middle-Europe and in the Netherlands. Unitarianism also represents an important current in the American Church.


TAURINUS, Jac. (1576-1618), Dutch Remonstrant theologian.- Engraved portrait 28,2 x 20,6 cm. By Hendrik Bary. Evert van Sweynen exc. Eight linges of dutch verse by Ger. Brandt underneath. - Hollstein 73/III. Muller 5273.

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WTENBOGAERT, Joannes (1557-1644), Dutch Remonstrant theologian and historian. - Engraved portrait 16,6 x 10,9 cm. By J. Houbraken after Ravesteyn. (cut to the platemark). - Muller 5529.

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