De opmerkelijke culturele bloei van Antwerpen gedurende het begin van de zestiende eeuw vond onder meer zijn uitdrukking in de ongekende hoeveelheid drukkers, uitgevers, en tal van toeleverbedrijven als boekbinders &c. Gezien de grote productie van dit drukwerk zou men wellicht verwachten dat een aanzienlijk segment ook bewaard is gebleven. Dat is echter nauwelijks het geval en dat geldt zelfs voor het bestand van grotere- en kleinere bibliotheken en verzamelingen. Het zou in dit kader te ver voeren om te trachten de onderliggende oorzaken - waaronder politieke, economische, religieuze- te omschrijven - feit is dat boeken gedrukt in de beginjaren van de zestiende eeuw in het algemeen als tamelijk zeldzaam kunnen worden omschreven. Een vluchtige blik op de onvolprezen standaardbibliografie van Wouter Nijhoff en M.E. Kronenberg Nederlandsche Bibliographie van 1500 tot 1540 ( 1923 ff.) volstaat. Terzijde: De behandelde periode beloopt de jaren 1501 tot en met 1540 en de samenstellers introduceerden hiervoor de term ‘postincunabelen’. Van deze categorie hebben wij een tiental boeken uitgekozen die wij hierbij aanbieden.


The term ‘postincunables’ was coined by Nijhoff and Kronenberg in their abovementioned standard bibliography. Books printed and / or published during this particular period are generally scarce and sought after by the discerning collector. The present offer incorporates a small number of items but all of some interest from the point of view of contents as well as their typographical execution.


AGRIPPA AB NETTESHEYM, Henricus Cornelius, De incertitudine & vanitate scientiarum & artium, atque excellentia Verbi Dei, declamatio. (Paris, Johannes Petrus for an unknown publisher:) "Apud Florentissimam Antuerpiam", 1531. Modern vellum, sm. 8vo. (IV) unnumb. prel. ll. , ll. foliated 9 - 159, (1 blank) (so complete). (a clear dampstain in the right lower corner).

Euro 2.800

* Nijhoff-Kronenberg 50 (+ the Additions and Corrections vol. II, p. XLV and see also N.-K. 2252 note). The present copy is entirely complete as described above; in addition there is a genuine blank leaf preceding the title and a small stub after the 4th prel. leaf where another (corresponding) blank has apparently been cut-away.

A rare- and very early edition, possibly the second one. The original edition was published at Antwerp by Joannes Grapheus in September 1530. The book was very popular and at least twenty-five sixteenth-century editions are known to exist.

This, Agrippa's principal work, is a satirical survey of contemporary science, containing inter alia chapters on medicine, astrology, alchemy, magic and cabbala. In it the author emphasized the tension between human knowledge and the word of God. The furor created by the scepticism of the 'De vanitate' and its attacks on scholastic theology forced Agrippa to flee from Cologne.

About this original thinker and free spirit (1486 - 1535) cf. Thorndike V, 127-38; R. Schmitz in Dictionary of Scientific Biography I, 79-81 and Contemporaries of Erasmus I, 17-19.

AMBROSIUS, Saint, Bishop of Milan, De Helia & ieiunio liber unus. In quo etiam taxatur horribile peccatum ebrietatis. Antwerp, Joannes Grapheus for Joannes Steelsius, 1538. With device at end. Old vellum, sm. 8vo. (32) unnumb. ll.

Euro 1.800

* Nijhoff-Kronenberg 111.

Saint Ambrose of Milan (Treves c. 340 - Milan 397), one of the great leaders of the Western Church, concerned himself chiefly with practical and ethical rather than with metaphysical questions. Many of his works are founded upon Basil - among these his moral treatise 'De virginitate' - in order that the following combination is not illogical:

Bound up with:

BASILIUS MAGNUS, De vera virginitate (a.o. tracts). Venice, Girolamo Pencio, 1534. (II), 102, (1) ll. (lacks title-page and final blank; text complete). * Index Aureliensis 114.473. Not in BM STC Italian and Adams.

1) BAPTISTA MANTUANUS (SPAGNUOLI), Adolescentia seu Bucolica, breuibus Iodoci Badii commentariis illustrata. His accesserunt Ioannis Murmellii in singulas eclogas argumenta, cum annotatiunculis eiusde(m) in loca aliquot obscuriora, atque ideo summe amplectendis. Accessit & Index ... nouus ... opera Barthol. Laurentis. Antwerp, Joannes Grapheus for Joannes Steelsius, 1540. With publisher's device at end. (VIII), 111, (1) ll. 2) Hermannus TORRENTINUS (editor), Hymni & pros(a)e Ecclesiasticae vulgo sequentiae dictae, breuiuscula quidem, sed maxime commoda ... explanatione illustrati. Antwerp, Michael Hillenius (van Hoochstraten), 1544. With large 'Tempus' device on title. (67) unnumb. ll. (without the final blank). 3) SEDULIUS, Praeclarissimum ... opus iuxta seriem totius euangelij metrice congestu(m): atque Paschale carmen praenotatum. Antwerp, Widow of Martinus Caesar (de Keyser), 1538. (42) unnumb. ll. In one volume. Vellum (posterior), sm. 8vo. (right upper margin of 1) slightly dampstained and some neat old annotations and underlinings; crossed ms.-notes on title of 3) and bibliographical note in an 18th cent. hand on blank reverse of same; some annotations and underlinings in the same hand).

Euro 2.800

* Ad 1): Nijhoff-Kronenberg 179 (3 copies only). E. Coccia, Le edizione delle opere del Mantovano (1960) no. 391. Reichling (Murmellius) p. 147 (Bibliography) XXIII no. 4.

Ad 2): Not in Belgica Typographica and other library catalogues we have been able to consult. Apparently of great scarcity.

Ad 3): Nijhoff-Kronenberg 1884 (5 copies).

BARLANDUS, Hadrianus, Libri tres, de rebus gestis Ducum Brabantiae. Eiusdem de Ducibus Venetis, liber unus. Louvain, Rutger Rescius for himself and for Bartholomaeus de Grave, 1 May 1532. Modern vellum, sm. 8vo. (IV, 160) unnumb. ll. (somewhat dampstained and thumbed; a couple of inner margins neatly strengthened).

Euro 1.150

* Nijhoff-Kronenberg 237. Bibl. Belgica B 276 (with a long note about the book's contents).

A rewritten, augmented version of the 'Rerum gestarum a Brabantiae ducibus historia' (Antwerp, 1526). The chronicle gives much information on the early history of Belgium; emphasis is inter alia on Louvain and its university. The history of the Venetian doges (listing 75 dukes) is newly added to this edition.

BOEMUS, Joannes, Omnium gentium mores, leges & ritus ex multis clarissimis rerum scriptoribus ... nuper collecti & nouissimè recogniti. Tribus libris absolutum opus, Aphricam, Asiam, & Europam describentibus. Accessit Libellus de Regionibus Septentrionalibus, earumque gentium ritibus, veterum Scriptorum saeculo ferè incognitus, ex Iacôbo Zieglero Geographo diligentiss.(imo). Antwerp, Joannes Grapheus for Joannes Steelsius, 1538. With device at end. Vellum, sm. 8vo. 149, (3) ll. (some neat repairs to the margins of the last ll.; lesser dampstains).

Euro 950

* Nijhoff-Kronenberg 454. An early edition (first: 1520) of a much reprinted- and influential work. Ziegler's added treatise on the Northern countries contains inter alia short descriptions of Greenland and Iceland.

HOMERUS, (Opera, Latine a diversis interpretibus). Antwerp, Joannes Grapheus, April 1528. 2 parts, 1 vol. With attractive 'Charitas' device at end of each part. Cont. blindstamped calf (corners frayed; rebacked), sm. 8vo. 259, (9) + 216, (8) ll. (The Odyssey part bound before the Ilias). (minor dampstains).

Euro 1.500

* Nijhoff-Kronenberg 1110. Hoffmann II, 333 (listing the present edition as the first one under the section 'Lateinische Uebersetzungen').

The complete Homer in Latin translation: The Ilias and the Odyssey by Laurentius Valla and Raphael Volaterranus; the Batrochomnomachia by Aldus Manutius; the Hymni Deorum and the Vita Homeri of Dionis by Jodocus Velareus Verbrokanus.

The two parts of this edition are not always found combined.

KRETZ, Matthias, Missae sacratissimae brevis & plana Elucidatio ... M.D.XXXV. Antwerp, Joannes Grapheus for Joannes Steelsius, 1535-'37. With fine woodcut title border dated 1537 and device at end. Modern green calf, inside dent., decorative endpapers, sm. 8vo. (some old underlinings and annotations).

Euro 1.100

* Nijhoff-Kronenberg 1291.

An uncommon Antwerp edition of an Explanation of the Mass by the German Catholic theologian (Haunstetten near Augsburg c. 1480 - München, 1543). It is probably a Latin translation of the author's 'Von der Meß unnd wer der recht priester sey' (Augsburg, 1524).

Kretz, an early opponent of the Reformation, passionately defended such Roman dogmas as the mass, confession, priesthood, purgatory, &c. He also took an active part in the religious conferences of his time: He attended inter alia the Diet of Augsburg of 1530 and the Colloquy of Worms of 1540, where he represented the conservative views of the Bavarian clergy. Kretz is also remembered as a correspondent of Erasmus. Cf. Contemporaries of Erasmus II, 274-75 and also NDB XIII, 16-17.

THEOPHILUS ANTECESSOR, Institutionum iuris civilis libri quatuor ... è Graeco in Latinum per D. Iac. Curtium Brugensem Iurisconsultum conversi, ac iterum excusi. Antwerp, Joannes Grapheus for Joannes Steelsius, 1539. With woodcut folding table, device at end and some fine initials. Blindstamped pigskin over wooden boards (slightly rubbed; ties lacking), binding dated 1541, sm. 8vo. (VIII), 221, (3) ll.

Euro 1.750,-

* Nijhoff-Kronenberg 2003. Bibl. Belgica T 23. The large folding table is sometimes missing.

Second Latin edition (first: same publisher 1536) of the Greek paraphrase of Justinian's 'Institutions of civil law' by the Greek jurisconsult Theophilos (d. c. 536). The work was done at the request of the Emperor to disseminate his new edicts among the inhabitants of Eastern Europe.

The translator Jacobus Curtius from Brugge (c. 1510 - c. 1577) followed the Greek text which Viglius had first published at Basle in 1534 and which was reprinted at Louvain with the corrections of Rescius and Nannius in 1536. The translation was several times reprinted even until the 18th century.


TITELMAN, Franciscus, O.F.M., Elucidatio in omnes Epistolas Apostolicas ... (&c.). Antwerp, Michael Hillen (van Hoogstraten), May 1532. With woodcut title border and some fine initials. Calf (later 17th- or early 18th cent.; top- and bottom of spine slightly dam.), spine gilt and lettered, sm. 8vo. (248) unnumbered ll. (two neat 16th cent. ownership inscriptions on title). - Early17th cent. woodcut coat of arms with the initials P.R. and motto ‘Opere et Veritate’ pasted on blank reverse of title)

Euro 775

* BM STC Dutch p. 215 (among the books destroyed during the war, 1939 - 45). Adams B 1844. Nijhoff-Kronenberg 3961. De Troeyer 456.

Esteemed commentary on the Apostolical Epistles in an early edition (first: Antwerp, 1528). The Franciscan Titelman(s) (c. 1502 - 1537) was professor at Louvain University.

VALERIUS MAXIMUS, Dictorum factorumque memorabilium exempla ... Antwerp, Joannes Grapheus for Joannes Steelsius, 1535. With woodcut title border and publisher's device at end. Old h. vellum, sm. 8vo. 237, (11) ll.

Euro 650

* Nijhoff-Kronenberg 2096